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Terms and Conditions Online Jewellery Purchases

Please read our Terms and Conditions carefully before using this site. Access to and usage of this site is provided subject to these terms and conditions and use of this site constitutes acceptance of the terms and conditions

Postage and Delivery
  • We use INDIA Post or Courire Services to deliver your purchases to you and send all of our products by Registered Mail. There is no additional cost to you for postage within INDIA. For our overseas customers, please contact us by e-mail to info@JaipurSilver925.com or a shipping quote.
  • We aim to despatch your purchases to you within 5 working days of receipt of payment. If for any reason we cannot supply your order we will advise you within 2 working days of receipt of your order. If you would like your purchases despatched urgently please advise us by e-mail to info@JaipurSilver925.com at the time of your order.

  • Please choose carefully as we do not offer a refund simply because you have changed your mind.
  • We believe that we accurately describe the products in our online store and that the photos of our individual pieces of jewellery display the colour with a reasonable degree of accuracy. However, the colour that you see on your computer screen depends on a number of factors including the colour quality of the computer screen that you are using. Also, our stones and pearls may reflect different colours depending on the light.
  • As we use natural stones and pearls in our sterling silver jewellery you need to be aware that there may be some colour variations within the stones and pearls and that some will have natural inclusion. Any inclusions are not flaws and in many cases these are evidence that the stones and pearls are not man-made. We believe that inclusions enhance the natural beauty of our products.
  • You should also be aware that a lot of our sterling silver jewellery is hand made and therefore you should expect variations that are inherent in jewellery that is not mass produced. Again, we believe that such variations enhance the natural beauty of our sterling silver jewellery. Please note that the piece of jewellery shown in the photograph may not be the exact piece that you receive, however, the dimensions and quality of the piece will be similar. As our jewellery is handmade there will be individual variations within similar pieces. If you would like to see a photograph of the exact piece that you will be receiving we will be happy to e-mail a copy to you - simply send us an e-mail to info@JaipurSilver925.com requesting a photograph.
  • Sterling silver is a reasonably soft metal and items such as necklets need to be able to move to fit correctly.
  • If, when you receive your purchase, you believe that it is significantly different to that described in our online store or that it is faulty, we ask that you advise us within 5 days of having received your purchase. (You can contact us using the form under the “Contact Us” tab on this website or by email to info@JaipurSilver925.com .) In these circumstances we will offer you an exchange or refund provided that you return the product to us with its original package within 7 days of notifying us.

  • Payment is by Bankcard, Mastercard or Visa by using PayPal at the checkout. You may also arrange for a direct debit from your bank account through PayPal. We also accept bank cheque or Money Order. For your own security and ours we recommend that you use PayPal for your purchases. If you pay for your purchases using PayPal we do not have access to your credit card details and all information is collected and held by a third party.
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  • The information presented on this Website has been compiled from various sources and is accurate at the time of its presentation. Please do not rely on the information contained in this Website as detailed advice and we recommend that you contact us by e-mail to info@JaipurSilver925.com for detailed and/or specific information.
  • The descriptions of the various products offered are provided solely for general information purposes and are not intended to be a complete description of all the terms and conditions and exclusions applicable to the product.
  • This Website is provided on an as is basis without any warranties of any kind. Shree Jaipur Silver, to the fullest extent permitted by law, disclaims all warranties. The Rajasthan Shop and Estiblashment Act 1958 and all corresponding state legislation implies terms, conditions and warranties into some contracts for the supply of goods and services and prohibits the exclusion, restriction modification of such terms ("Prescribed Terms").
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